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Nai, meaning mother in Gallego, is the innovative and humbling cuisine by Galician native, Chef Ruben Rodriguez. 

Chef Ruben Rodriguez opened Nai New York in 2010, with the primary purpose of being an ever-evolving love letter to Rodriguez's mother Ana Maria Gonzalez Arias––who he accredits for his unwavering culinary skill set and the traditional Galician recipes one would find on his menus. Nai has matured into a dynamic platform where its cuisine and culture is the base for its restaurants and products for the world to experience. 

Ruben Rodriguez

Executive Chef / Owner

Raul Oleaga

Service Director & Sommelier

Sebastian Cambeiro

Chef de Cuisine

Rafael de la Rosa
Executive Chef

Rolando Flores

Chef de Cuisine

Niko Hagerty

Beverage Director


The Flamenco show will be performing on every Saturday at 7pm and 9pm.

This is a complimentary show. Therefore, seating arrangements are on a first come first serve basis. 

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